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The BMP to date
07 de June de 2021
The real estate sector is going through a full transformation. The effects of COVID-19 are accelerating trends such as telecommuting, online shopping and digitization, which in turn are creating new social and consumer habits. All this is affecting our way of living and dwelling. Offices, urban hotels, physical stores and shopping centers are rethinking their business model while new sectors are strongly emerging such as the residential one (residential for rent, student residences and senior living) and those related to technological development such as data centers, logistics or communication towers.
29 de May de 2020
The Covid-19 Crisis has meant a huge logistical challenge due to the population’s confinement and the need to basic necessities supply. The limitations to mobility have greatly boosted Internet commerce. Suffice it to say that, according to the data provided by the Stuart technology platform, since the beginning of the pandemic, SME shipments increased by 535 percent compared to the week before the confinement began. This has had great impact on logistics activity and the sector has successfully overcome the challenge.
New scenarios, new solutions
29 de April de 2020
The COVID-19 health crisis has meant a complete stop in trade shows. If there is a sector that is affected directly by the social distancing imposed by confinement to stop the pandemic, that is the organization of professional exhibitions. The suspension of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona marked the beginning of a chain of postponements of fair events. In our case, Barcelona Meeting Point Real Estate Exhibition & Congress has mantained its programmed dates: from the 4th to the 7th of November.
Social distancing, fairs and COVID-19
20 de April de 2020
In these moments of economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate sector will play a decisive role as a job generator to help overcome the current situation. As great Spanish developers have stated at the SavillsTalk at home meeting, the real estate sector "will be a good job site" to get out of the crisis.
The real estate sector, to lead the economic reactivation
09 de September de 2019
It has become a trend in countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom, in cities such as London, Berlin or Amsterdam. And it is now arriving in Spain, timidly yes, although experts predict a long journey. What we’re referring to is co-living, the rental of shared apartments for students and young professionals. This new real estate trend has emerged as a natural evolution of coworking, namely, from shared work spaces.
Co-living breaks into the real estate market
02 de September de 2019
Europeans spend 90% of their time indoors, two-thirds in regular housing. One in six declares to live in an unhealthy building according to the 2017 Healthy Housing Barometer report. The probability of suffering from health problems increases considerably for those living in an "unhealthy" building, that is humid, without enough natural light, poor ventilation or uncomfortably hot or cold.
Increasingly healthier homes
25 de July de 2019
They barely represent 15% of home buyers. They do not have the capacity to make high investments. They live by the day and prefer to spend money on travel or technology. It is the robot portrait of the millennials, a generation of some eight million people in Spain that encompasses all those born between 1980 and 1992.
Millennials and the real estate sector
29 de January de 2019
Occupation in the real estate industry boosted in 2018. Already 155,000 people are occupied in the real estate industry in Spain, according to the latest facts derived from the Active Population Poll (EPA in Spanish) carried out by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). Thus, occupation in the real estate industry grew an 18.9% in the last year and closed the best figure ever registered.
155,000 people are employed in a real estate company
10 de January de 2019
Experts consider that the sales will experience a 13% growth in 2019 and property will become a 5% more expensive. With a real estate investment of Euros 11,630 M, 2018 has achieved an industry record since the beginning of the economic crisis. Real estate has become the first job-generating engine in Spain.
Good prospects for the real estate industry
12 de December de 2018
Ricardo Moreno Liberona is the winner of the BMP 2018 raffle of the €1,500 IKEA check to be sent in the furnishing and decoration of his home. The raffle has taken place this morning at the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB)’ s offices before a notary public and was attended by the Special Delegate of the State at the CZFB and President of Barcelona Meeting Point, Pere Navarro, the notary, Antonio Díaz de Blas, the Secretary General at the CZFB, Antón Ferré, and the Director of Computer Services, Jordi Raüll.
BMP 2018 has carried out the €1,500 raffle for home furnishing and decoration
30 de October de 2018
For those who are more reluctant to accept good news, the recent and successful celebration of the real estate exhibition Barcelona Meeting Point 2018 has left in the air a shadow of doubt about the real estate industry. Some of them have even stated that, after five years of growth, and considering the volume of operations closed within the exhibition and the exhibitors’ satisfaction because of the flood of visitors and the business deals arisen, the market might be entering a new spiral of uncontrol.
Real estate developments adapted to the demand
22 de October de 2018
This year, Barcelona will once again become the world capital of the real estate sector during the BMP event,(Barcelona Meeting Point). Between October 25th and 28th, the Fira de Barcelona will host the 22nd edition of a more than consolidated forum that serves as a meeting point for professionals, estate agents and, of course, clients and investors. According to the organisors' forecasts, the participation of more than 260 companies in the field of real estate market and the attendance of more than 16,000 visitors is expected. Engel & Völkers will once again be present at the event as the leading sponsor and will be located at the stand CL01.
17 de October de 2018
A few days ago, representatives from Barcelona City Council attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Quartier Heidestrasse (QH) district in Berlin, which draws its inspiration from 22@. Despite the differences between the two cities, the German model will employ technological solutions that are similar to those used in the Catalan capital in a bid to foster sustainability, efficiency and the well-being of residents. What makes Barcelona smart city a model that can be replicated in other parts of Europe?
Barcelona: a smart city model to serve its citizens
15 de October de 2018
Next week will take place the mandatory meeting for the real estate industry: the 22nd edition of Barcelona Meeting Point will gather in Barcelona the largest offer of products and services for personal, familiar or professional use related with residential, commercial or industrial real estate. Because of the volume and quality of the exhibitors, this is an essential exhibition for all those interested in buying, renting, investing, in technology, design or property financing. If you register online before the 19th of October, you will have a free entry ticket!
The final countdown: the meeting that you can’t miss
10 de October de 2018
Smart Cities. Yet another 21st century buzzword. Ask 100 people what it means, and you'll likely get 100 different answers.
To realise the vision of smart cities, we must work together
01 de October de 2018
When the potential risks in the real estate industry are analyzed, especially those referring to the property market, the more than probable increases in the interest types in a close future are usually mentioned, which would make financing of buying and selling operations more expensive. The increase in prices is usually mentioned as well, for buying as well as for renting, but reality tends to nuance this assertion: first of all, because selling prices have been increasing at around a 5% per year since 2014, after six years of 2-digits falls (in fact, they are still much cheaper than a decade ago): second of all, because the niche of important increases in the renting prices is limited to great cities such as Madrid or Barcelona.
Larger salaries, lower taxes, the key
18 de September de 2018
Dailyflats apartments are a warranty of success for accommodation in Barcelona
DAILYFLATS, a warranty of success for accommodation in Barcelona
10 de September de 2018
What is the best timing to invest in the purchase of a Property? The question has several and even contradictory answers but, at least, four determining aspects must be considered at the time of making a decision:
A good time to get finance to buy a house
04 de September de 2018
The information and communication technologies (ICT) and their intrinsic data processing and ubiquity capacity have meant not only a revolution in our daily life but they have also radically transformed practically the totality of the economic sectors. Nowadays it is possible with a mobile phone to carry out (not just to settle) a visit to the doctor or even to get a bank loan. At a business level, the ICT have multiplied productivity, have removed intermediation in commercial operations and generate efficiencies from stock zero to personalized production.
Technology and trends for the most innovating real estate event
30 de July de 2018
From the very minute it was born, Barcelona Meeting Point has focused its activity in offering real estate solutions to the Spanish society. The Exhibition introduced, as a great novelty in this type of events, a focus towards the professional public that summed up to the area reserved to the general attendance public, commonly found in the industry’s exhibitions. The model proved to be a success and made BMP a reference exhibition for its contents as well as for its organization.
A real estate exhibition for the citizens
24 de July de 2018
If what BMP 2018 represents had to be summarized in just one word, it would be, without doubt, ‘opportunity’. Few exhibitions are entitled to such a qualification, since not many of them add up to such an outstanding combination of qualities, benefits and appeals as the Catalonian show.
BMP 2018: business, knowledge and a whole personal experience
17 de July de 2018
The so-called sustainable housing has multiplied its capacity to generate business sheltered by a double incentive. Firstly, the increasing and unstoppable social awareness of the need to protect the planet, expressed in several economic sectors: from the growth of the electric-vehicle market to the stopping of the plastic bags’ use and the implementation of the Circular Economy principles in most of the industries (wastes have become a resource as a prime material or a source of energy). Secondly is the full implementation of the European Directive 2010/31 concerning the energetic efficiency in buildings that implies the member states’ obligation to carry on a transition in buildings to an energy consumption that is almost nonexistent.
The Sustainability value chain in the real estate industry
26 de June de 2018
The number of Start-Ups in the real estate industry has grown from 57 at the beginning of 2017 to the existing 203 at present time. This number means a 250% increase and this trend is expected to be deeper by the end of 2018. Also, it must be highlighted that the PropTech industry has employed more than 5,000 professionals in Spain.
The Start-ups are stirring up the real estate industry
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